Project title

You are about to enter Step 1


Define your business


  1. Identify the objective(s) for the assessment
  2. Define the geographic area of the assessment
  3. Collect development context information and list key issues for the assessment area
  4. Select business activities to be assessed


You are about to enter Step 2


Measure your company footprint


  1. Identify the sources of impact for each business activity
  2. Identify relevant indicators for direct and indirect impacts
  3. Measure


You are about to enter Step 3


Understand your footprint in the development context


  1. Determine the level of stakeholder engagement
  2. Engage with stakeholders to prioritize the development issues (optional)
  3. Build hypothesis of the business contribution to development
  4. Test hypothesis with stakeholders and refine overall assessment (optional)


You have now reached the end of the data collection process.
Let’s begin to build a hypothesis of the business contribution to development !


The hypothesis has now been built.
Let’s take a look at the results and prioritize areas for action.


You are about to enter Step 4


Make better-informed decisions


  1. Identify priority areas for action
  2. Consider possible business responses and prepare recommendations for management
  3. Decide on the way forward
  4. Develop indicators to monitor progress


Congratulations! The whole process is now complete !

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Welcome to our Measuring Impact Tool

This tool will guide you through the WBCSD Measuring Impact Framework's 4-step methodology :

  1. step 1 Set boundaries
  2. step 2 Measure direct and indirect impacts
  3. step 3 Assess contribution to development
  4. step 4 Prioritize management response

Please note : The tool is intended to be used alongside the WBCSD Measuring Impact Framework Methodology which can be downloaded here


This application can be used on both desktops and mobile devices with Chrome and Safari browsers. Compatibility issues could be encountered with other browsers.



Please note that your projects are saved every time you click the "next" button.

Full instructions for each of the steps covered by this tool are included in the Measuring Impact Framework Methodology.

If the answers to your questions cannot be found here, you can contact us by e-mail at anytime on

Further information

Find out more about WBCSD's work on Measuring socio-economic impact, including our latest publications and case studies at:



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